Here’s the big picture: You have several business partners in different markets. The sale price of your book is different in Canada than in the United States. You also have commercial agreements with other booksellers, with prices, availability, and publication date determined differently in each case. In a word, you are a publisher with many business partners in the book sales chain, and for each, specific commercial information must be provided. What has to be done when the time comes to create, maintain, and transmit your ONIX metadata files? Must you duplicate your information and maintain a separate ONIX file for each of your business partners? We agree, this would be ridiculous and tiresome.

Happily, our new Version 2.3.2 of ONIXEDIT Pro solves this problem, thanks to its new option: Transmit only data associated to each partner name. Here is how it works:

First, you will need to define a Supply Detail record for each of your trading partners, taking care to input the exact name of the partner who will be the recipient of this Supply Detail record (with their prices records too).

You can continue the same way for each of your titles. ONIXEDIT will save all of your commercial metadata for every trading partner. When you finish, you having nothing more to do; simply use the new transmission function to send data to your partners. To do this, just click on the Transmit to Partners button on the toolbar, above the main list for ONIXEDIT. You will enter the ONIX file transmission to partners dialogue:

If the checkbox “Transmit only data associated to each partner name” is chosen, then every partner will receive a distinct ONIX file limited to the SupplyDetail records concerning them. If no SupplyDetail record is defined for this partner, the resulting ONIX files will not include any SupplyDetail component. This allows you to target precise commercial information to be transmitted to each partner, without having to transmit your entire metadata contents to everyone. The right information to the right person with the right tool: ONIXEDIT!