ONIXEDIT Server Edition - Hosted Model - All prices are in CAD  
  ONIXEDIT Server Edition  
  Quantity Unit Price Total per Year  
  ONIXEDIT Server Edition including 1000 titles, one ONIXEDIT Pro license for Server Administration and 100 MB Media Space. 1  $    2,500.00  
  Additional titles.  $            0.05  
  Web Interface (unlimited users).  $    4,000.00  
  Web Interface (per-user basis).  $        150.00  
  Automated Ingestion Agent for automatic metadata (ONIX 2.1/3.0 or Excel), cover images and eBooks ingestion.  $    3,300.00  
  ONIXEDIT Scheduler to automate transmission of metadata (ONIX 2.1/3.0 or Excel) to your trading partners.   $    1,200.00  
  Additional ONIXEDIT Pro for client access (optional)  
  Quantity Unit Price First Year Annual Renewal
  ONIXEDIT Pro license, including updates, support and 50 MB of Media Space for one year  $        475.00
  First Year Annual Renewal
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