Welcome to ONIXEDIT Server Edition ©

ONIXEDIT Server Edition is the client-server version of ONIXEDIT that is designed to collect, manage and share your metadata with clients and partners.

ONIXEDIT Server Architecture:

This open and modular system is composed of:

    • a powerful SQL database to store your ONIX metadata,
    • our Media File Server as your asset manager,
    • ONIXEDIT Pro as the client interface to manage your ONIX metadata,
    • ONIXEDIT Web Form to allow your users and clients to access their ONIX titles,
    • an automated ingestion agent to convert and import metadata from different sources,
    • ONIXEDIT Scheduler to automate transmission of metadata to your partners,
    • our Web Service API to integrate your legacy system with ONIXEDIT Server.

ONIXEDIT Server is our most advanced ONIX solution. No matter if you are a metadata aggregator who wants to normalize and automate metadata ingestion from publishers or a large publisher who wants to simultaneously maintain thousands of ONIX titles by different users from anywhere, ONIXEDIT Server is for you.