At the bottom left of the Server Edition / Catalogues  tab, you will find an option named Allow updates of titles from different catalogues when importing a metadata file:

The catalogues that you defined for your ONIXEDIT Server account are independent and isolated ONIX metadata repositories. This means that the same title can be defined in two different catalogues. If you want to avoid creating duplicated records when using an automated input mechanism like the automated ingestion agent or using the ONIXEDIT menu Server / Import to a catalogue function, you need a way to tell ONIXEDIT to check if the title exists in the current catalogue as well as in others prior to creating a new record. This is exactly the purpose of this option.

When you activate it, the following modifications to your ONIXEDIT Server system will occur:

    • When a metadata file is imported to a catalogue using ONIXEDIT Pro, ONIXEDIT Cloud or the Automated Ingestion Agent, verification is made on each title. ONIXEDIT checks if the title already exists not only in the catalogue to which the file is imported, but also on all other catalogues of the same ONIX version (2.1 or 3.0). The check is made on the primary key defined in the import rules of the catalogue where the file is imported.

    • The import rules that are applied are always those of the catalogue where the metadata file is imported, not those of the catalogue where the titles are updated.

    • If you try to create a new title using ONIXEDIT Cloud and you set a primary key that already exists in another catalogue, ONIXEDIT Cloud will refuse that entry and you will be informed:
    • However, you can still use ONIXEDIT Pro to bypass the previous rule and thus, you can create a new title having the same primary key of another title from another catalogue. That bypass does not apply to metadata files imported.