ONIXEDIT Server provides an optional tool allowing more automated metadata files and asset files ingestion. We call that tool the Automated Ingestion Agent.

The Automated Ingestion Agent provides a Windows service that can be configured to check for "hot folders" (usually FTP folders) where metadata and asset files are uploaded. Each hot folder is associated with a specific ONIXEDIT Server catalogue. Consequently, each time a metadata file is available in a hot folder, it is imported to the corresponding catalogue while respecting the import rules defined for that catalogue. As well, the Automated Ingestion Agent will search for cover image files (jpg, tiff, png, gif, bmp) and ebook files (pdf or ePub) and, based on their name (ISBN or EAN in the file name), those files will be automatically associated with the corresponding title and uploaded to your Media Space or simply archived. The Agent is able to process ONIX files as well as flat files (Excel, or CSV) with automatic conversion to ONIX, providing that an ONIXEDIT import script is defined in the corresponding import script folder (one import script folder per catalogue). After each ingestion of a file, a processing report is sent to you by email and is also saved in the server to keep track of every file ingested.

Consult the Automated Ingestion Agent manual for more details about that service.