From ONIXEDIT Preferences you will use the Server Edition/Cloud tab section to define which media file types you want to authorize for viewing/editing from ONIXEDIT Cloud.

Just toggle the check-boxes under "Authorized" column to allow/disallow each media file type. You can also click on the "More settings" button to get access to a form similar to the following:

Hint: activate the "Show help" check box at the bottom to get contextual help on each field:

The Media Files configuration that you will set will apply to all your ONIXEDIT Server catalogues accessible from ONIXEDIT Cloud.

To explain the usage of the "More settings" dialog, we will pass through 2 common cases.

Configuring a cover image settings for ONIXEDIT Cloud

We want to allow ONIXEDIT Cloud users to define one cover image per title and rename uploaded cover image files using the ISBN of the title. To do so, first click on the "More settings" button corresponding to "Media File - 04 - Image: front cover" (ONIX 2.1):

Next, click on the Authorized check box and insure "Multiple items" is not selected. Define also the captions that you want to show under the cover images for your English and/or French users.

The "File name mask" field allows you to rename the media file that will be uploaded by the user in order to apply a standard naming convention for those files. If you leave that field blank, ONIXEDIT Cloud will keep the original filename or will use the "Unique Id" if defined. You can use any of the following tokens: [ISBN], [ISBN13] or [RecordReference] along with static prefix/suffix strings.

For instance, if you set it to be "COVER_[ISBN13]", the resulting filename of a cover image "abc.jpg" uploaded for title 9780006391555 will be "COVER_9780006391555.jpg".

Set "File name mask" field to "[ISBN13]".

Finally, insure "Unique Id" drop-down menu is set to "None". Your dialog should look like the following:

Repeat the steps above for  "Supporting Resource - 01 - Front cover" (ONIX 3.0):

After having save your ONIXEDIT Preferences, you will be able to see the result immediately with ONIXEDIT Cloud data entry form. A button named "Add Image" will allow users to add the authorized files:

Clicking on that button will present this dialog:

The user will first have to select the type of image he wants to upload from your authorized set using the first drop down menu.

Then, he will upload the image file by "drag&drop" from his desktop to the image drop zone:

Or if he prefer to select an image using a conventional file selector, he will simply have to click in the drop zone:

Once the image is uploaded, it will appear in the dialog and the user will have to click on the Save button:

The image will then be associated to the current title:

Configuring contributor pictures for ONIXEDIT Cloud

We want to allow ONIXEDIT Cloud users to define one picture for each contributor of a title. We also want to define a drop-down list with each contributor names to facilitate pictures identification. To do so, first click on the "More settings" button corresponding to "Media File - 08 - Image: contributor(s)" (ONIX 2.1):

What we need to do should look like the following screen capture:

This time, we activated the "Multiple items" check-box to allow end users to define more than just one contributor.

We also leave the "File name mask" blank and we select "String" for the Unique Id:

Then we defined some contributor fields to feed a drop-down list that will appear in the Cloud image form. This will be used to create a Unique Id for each contributor picture that we will add.

We saved the media file settings dialog and did the same for "Supporting Resource 04 - Contributor picture" (ONIX 3.0):

Now, when we go to ONIXEDIT Cloud, we can set contributor pictures and use a drop-down list to associate each image with its corresponding contributor:

As a result in ONIXEDIT, we can see the media file link with a distinctive filename (in this case, "1-Gu%C3%A9nette,_Raoul.jpg"):