Searching titles is easy with ONIXEDIT Server. Just connect to ONIXEDIT Server and open the catalogue of your choice. Then, type CTRL+F or use Edit/Search menu.

You will get access to the ONIXEDIT Server Search tool where you can define one or more search criteria:

To define a search criterion, proceed as follows:

  1. If there is no empty line in the Search list, click on the + at the bottom of the list.
  2. Select a predefined field or ONIX tag by clicking the drop down menu under Field column to show a special panel:

    "Usual tags" presents most common ONIX fields as well as Custom fields and system information such as creation or last modification date:

    Button named "Choose an ONIX tag" will show a hierarchical list of all the ONIX tags supported by ONIXEDIT. You just have to double-click the one you want to search:

  3. You must then select a search operator with the help of another drop down menu:

    The content of this drop down menu depends on the chosen field.
  4. Finally, you will enter the value you are searching for. Again, ONIXEDIT will help you by providing special value controls depending on the type of field you are searching:

  5. Once your criterion is defined, you can click on the search button right away to get the resulting titles shown on your main list, or you can add another criterion and combine it to the first one using a logical operator:

Saving usual searches

Once your search is defined, you can save it for later usage. You have 2 possibilities: Saving it for your own usage (personal search) or sharing it with other ONIXEDIT Server users (server search). No matter which method that you choose, you will have to:

    1. Give your search a name.
    2. Decide if your saved search will be available or not to ONIXEDIT Cloud users (server searches only).
    3. Click on "Save to personal searches" or "Save to server searches" button.

Once a search is saved, use the Load Search menu to load it back:

For Server Saved Searches available to ONIXEDIT Cloud users, you will find it in the Advanced Search tool:

Searching titles from all catalogues

If you want to make a search of titles from all the catalogues you have access to, use the "Search in all catalogues" function (CTRL+Shift+F):