ONIXEDIT PRO (and optionally with ONIXEDIT Regular) allow you to set Custom Validation rules to define mandatory fields specific to your organization. With ONIXEDIT Server, you can define Custom Validation rules for each of your catalogues.

To set a Custom Validation rule to a catalogue, proceed as follows:

1- From ONIXEDIT Pro, go to the Preferences module and click on the Server Edition/Catalogues tab.

2- Click on the button under "Actions" column that corresponds to the catalogue for which you want to define Custom Validation and select "Edit Custom Validation rules":

3- Follow the same instructions as for defining Custom Validation rules for local ONIX files as defined from the ONIXEDIT User Manual.

4- Then, close the Custom Validation form and save your preferences.

Once Custom Validation rules are defined for a catalogue, it won't be applied automatically. As for any other regular validation format, you first need to activate it with the "Edit other settings" tool and next, apply that validation to user access rights.