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ONIXEDIT Bookstore demo site
ONIXEDIT Bookstore demo site

Your online bookstore, live from your ONIX file!

The most complete website solution for publishers.

  • A single repository to maintain: Your ONIX metadata with ONIXEDIT Cloud or ONIXEDIT Server!
  • Populate your books and Authors on your website automatically and instantaneously. No more copy/paste!
  • Present your books and contributors the way you want with HTML templates!
  • Automatically get a persistent page for each book and promote it with social medias!
  • Sell your books and eBooks directly on your own website and earn all the profits using PayPal and our integrated shopping cart. No commission to whoever!
  • Automatic watermark option on your PDF and ePub!
  • Automatic transmission of eBooks to your clients!
  • Compliant with any web technology. You can integrate it to your current website if you want or ask us to provide one for you!

You have an ONIXEDIT Cloud account? Try ONIXEDIT Bookstore for free with your own metadata by login in. You don't? Create a free trial account here.

Put your metadata to work!

With your ONIX metadata, you got it all to automate your website.

If you are a publisher, you have to promote your books on your website. But as you know, this is a cumbersome task. Also, you probably have to maintain metadata about your books for your trading partners. Using the ONIX standard for this purpose is the way to go. Why don't you use those metadata for your own benefits?

ONIXEDIT Bookstore is the easiest solution to automatically generate your website directly from your ONIX feed or starting from an Excel file. You will save hours and your website will always be up to date. You and your employees won't have to do clerical work anymore, copying and pasting those commercial, bibliographic and promotional information again and again. All you will have to do is to maintain your ONIX metadata accurate and then, experiment the magic!

ONIXEDIT Bookstore Automation
With ONIXEDIT Bookstore, harness your website!
ONIXEDIT Bookstore Rotator module.
ONIXEDIT Bookstore Rotator module. Images courtesy of Thistledown Press.
ONIXEDIT Bookstore Checkout module.
ONIXEDIT Bookstore Checkout module.

Compliant to any website technology!

Use our generic modules to create your dynamic website.

ONIXEDIT Bookstore comes with all the bricks and mortar needed to create a real dynamic website:

  • A Rotator module to present your most recent or featured titles.
  • A generic Search Tool to help your visitors finding what they are searching for.
  • A List of titles to present results of searches made by users or predefined by you (persistent search).
  • Detailed book page module to present each book the way you want!
  • An Authors module to present your authors and their bios in alphabetical order, coming live from your ONIX metadata!
  • A complete Shopping Cart module to sell your books and eBooks directly on your website (checkout with PayPal).

Use our simple API documentation to implement these modules to your current website or ask us to create a new web for you with your logo, color and design specifications. The website that we will create for you, will be based on a popular Content Management System. Thus you will have full control on the containers and the contents as well as all our ONIXEDIT Bookstore modules already installed.

Contact us with your specifications for a free quote.

Watch this short video presentation

This video is a guided tour of ONIXEDIT Bookstore. We will show you the major functions of the software and how easy it is to use.

ONIXEDIT Bookstore - Your online bookstore, live from your ONIX file.
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