ONIXEDIT for Windows

ONIXEDIT for Windows

ONIX book Metadata Made Easy!
Short presentation of the main features of ONIXEDIT

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Open, Edit and Import ONIX Files

Increase discoverability of your books and ebooks with ONIX metadata!

ONIX is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form called metadata.

Until now, ONIX Metadata was difficult and costly to implement and maintain. But not anymore thanks to ONIXEDIT.

ONIXEDIT is an easy way to implement and maintain ONIX metadata. With ONIXEDIT, you will comply with the major world standard of book publishing metadata and you can check your information compatibility with ONIX 2.1 or ONIX 3.0 in real time, without having to worry about the complexities of these norms or of XML.

ONIXEDIT is a Windows software that you must install on your PC. If you are a Macintosh user or want to manage your ONIX metadata from everywhere without having to make any installation on your computer, please check our new service ONIXEDIT Cloud.

ONIX Metadata Made Easy!

Manage all the metadata about your books and ebooks in one place

Every piece of information you can provide about one of your books is a chance to convert initial discovery and interest into a sale. All of the information that describes a book, from the title to the author photo to the fact that it won a literary award, is known as metadata. And good metadata is now the foundation of book marketing.

ONIXEDIT is first and above all a dependable, high-performance and easy-to-use database of books which can use any ONIX 2.1 or 3.0 file as a data source.

ONIXEDIT will allow you to create a large quantity of bibliographical, commercial and promotional metadata about your books and ebooks in a structured and standardized manner, rather than having little bits of information scattered through many different documents. Most important, it will help you create valid and enhanced ONIX metadata files based on the book industry best practices.

Main window of ONIXEDIT with list of titles and search dialog
Simplified Form - Easy as 1, 2, 3!

ONIXEDIT Simplified Form

Complete this easy form and get a valid ONIX title!

The Simplified Form provides the most usual ONIX metadata required by your trading partners. With the Simplified Form, you can edit and update your books and ebooks metadata easily and intuitively, in just a few clicks. No need to have any knowledge of XML nor of the ONIX standard. 

Further, ONIXEDIT is provided with several specialized data capture assistants which will help you save time:

  • Default values easily defined for your new titles
  • ISBN converter
  • Scrolling menus for ONIX lists
  • Subjects and Audiences selector
  • Management of contributors
  • Integrated Rich Text Editor
  • Automated management of cover images
  • Integrated ONIX validation engine


The Advanced Form

A professional interface for the most advanced needs

With the Advanced Form included with ONIXEDIT Pro harness all the power of ONIXEDIT with endless possibilities. Most ONIX sections are repeatable, allowing you to define an infinite quantity of enhanced book metadata:

  • Titles in various languages
  • All the possible Contributors types
  • Endless Product Identifiers
  • Multiple Suppliers and Prices by country, region or market
  • Exclusivity and exclusion rights
  • Table of Contents, Descriptions, Quotes, Reviews and Bios
  • Subjects, Audiences, Conferences, Prizes, Promotions
  • All kind of Media Files (images, video, audio, ebooks)
  • Series and sets
  • Related Products and many more

...And to make all of this effortlessly available to your trading partners.

Click here to get a complete list of all the ONIX tags supported by ONIXEDIT.

Supply detail edition tab in Advanced form
Supply detail edition tab in Advanced form
ONIXEDIT Architecture

Your Private Media Space

Deliver media files to partners or display them on your Website

One of the main problems in the transmission of ONIX files is without a doubt sending the media files which should accompany the titles: extracts from the books in pdf format, pictures of the authors, images of the cover, flaps, video and audio interviews, etc. - in short, all the promotional material intended to support sales.

Of course, it is easy to transmit an ONIX file to your trading partner by email or by using an FTP program. But what happens to the media files? How can you be certain to send everything to your business partner? How can you be sure that the images are the right size? That there aren’t two files with the same name, leading to frustrating errors? How could your trading partner get oriented if you send pell-mell an ONIX file containing a hundred titles with all the images, illustrations and book extracts together?

ONIXEDIT offers a simple and effective solution to this problem: The Media Space. In your private media space, ONIXEDIT standardizes and classifies the media files associated to your books and ebooks, whatever their source, making everything easily available to your trading partners.

No More Errors in Your ONIX Files

ONIXEDIT helps you normalize your files

All of ONIXEDIT’s power rests in its sophisticated ONIX validation engine. With this engine to support you, the ONIX files that you produce will be fully compliant with the ONIX 2.1 and 3.0 standards. Our engine is powerful enough to detect even the smallest errors.

The ONIXEDIT validation engine detects problems and informs you immediately, giving exact details of the rules that have been infringed and of formats which are invalid.

Further, ONIXEDIT is provided with a pop-up window at the bottom of the screen which presents a summary of errors on a title. A simple double-click on an error takes you directly to the field where the problem lies.

You also have available a function which takes you to the next error, so that you can quickly correct any and all errors.

If you need to, you can integrate specialized validation functions for BNC, BISG, BIC, APA and BTLF (ONIX 2.1) as well as the latest ONIX 3.0 Best Practices document from EDItEUR.

ONIXEDIT validates your metadata and indicates you where there's invalid data
ONIXEDIT validates your metadata and indicates you where there's invalid data
ONIXEDIT - Transmit
"Transmit to partners" screen simplifies metadata transmission to partners

Upload ONIX 3.0 Files Now!

Transmit your books metadata automatically with ONIXEDIT

It's Friday, 5:00 PM - the end of the day. Your new titles absolutely must get to your trading partners before 6:00 PM so they can be available on the Website this weekend. No worries, you have ONIXEDIT to take care of it, thanks to its integrated automatic FTP transmission function.

You just need to define the FTP account which each business partner has made available to you into the ONIXEDIT program, along with the ONIX format that each partner wants to receive.

You have nothing left to do but select the titles and click on the Send button. All the rest is done automatically, and you maintain control of who receives what. Simple and effective!

You may even instruct ONIXEDIT to transmit your metadata using ONIX 2.1 or ONIX 3.0 with long or short tags following requirements of your trading partner.

Read From, and Write to, Excel Files

Import/export from/to Excel, fixed length, CSV and tabulated files

Thanks to ONIXEDIT, you can import and export data originating from non-ONIX-compatible systems. Here are a few possible ways you can use this feature:

  • Convert the data from your legacy system to ONIX format
  • Import Excel, tabulated, CSV or fixed length files and convert them to ONIX 2.1 or 3.0 files
  • Export your ONIX files to Excel, tabulated, CSV or fixed length files
  • Exchange your metadata with business partners whose systems are not yet compatible with ONIX format

In order to perform all these tasks, ONIXEDIT offers you a simple and efficient tool which will allow you to create import/export scripts adapted to ONIX requirements, but which also take account of the realities and constraints of conventional systems. There's nothing like it to bridge from your existing database to the universe of ONIX.

You can even automate execution of import/export scripts with our new tool ONIXEDIT Converter.

ONIXEDIT - Import/Export
Import/export wizard helps you build scripts and view results
ONIXEDIT - Transmit
Convert ONIX 2.1 metadata files to ONIX 3.0 the easy way!

Convert ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0!

Automatically convert your old ONIX files to the new standard

In accordance with national ONIX groups like BISG, BIC and BNC, EDItEUR has announced a 'sunset' for ONIX 2.1 support at the end of 2014. If you still work with ONIX 2.1 files, you should plan to move to 3.0 now.

Fortunately, ONIXEDIT provide a powerful translator that can be used to automatically convert your current ONIX 2.1 files to their equivalent in the new ONIX 3.0 standard. It is as simple as:

  1. From ONIXEDIT, launch the Converter in the File menu
  2. Select your ONIX 2.1 file
  3. You're done!

​ONIXEDIT will automatically make a copy of your original ONIX 2.1 file and will convert it to ONIX 3.0. You won't find an easiest way to comply with the new ONIX metadata standard. Moreover, our translator is included in all our ONIX software and services.

Powerful Update Tools!

Search And Replace, Merge Sections and Batch Updates.

ONIXEDIT helps you being fast and efficient with its new handy Update Tools:

  • Search for a value in a specific ONIX tag and replace it by another in all your titles or a selection.
  • Copy a complete ONIX section from one title and merge its content to a selection of existing titles in your ONIX file. A fast and easy way to make updates.
  • Use our generic Flat File Import tool to make batch updates from external CSV, Tabulated or Excel files to any of your ONIX files.

Use the above tools to make batch modifications of your Subjects, Audiences, Prices and any other ONIX metadata that you need to keep up to date without passing hours, modifying your titles one by one.

ONIXEDIT - Update Tools
Advanced Tools to make updates on many titles in a snap
ONIXEDIT - Report Builder
ONIXEDIT Report Builder.

Create stunning reports from ONIX files!

Produce professional Price Lists and Promotional Catalogs.

Of course, you will increase discoverability of your books and eBooks with well built ONIX metadata files. But now, you can as well use those precious metadata to produce Price Lists and Catalogs thanks to ONIXEDIT powerful Report Builder.

You can create any kind of reports (column or detailed reports) by simply placing ONIX fields, text and images on the Report Builder canvas. Start from a blank report or a built-in templates, save your report and use it with any ONIX 2.1 or 3.0 metadata files.

Moreover, you can even save your reports as Excel, PDF or HTML files. 

More than ever, ONIXEDIT is the essential tool for all publishers!


ONIX Conformity opens doors

Be compatible with key players of the Supply Chain

Thanks to ONIXEDIT and the ONIX standard, you can establish new commercial alliances with the largest international re-sellers.

Sales of your Books and eBooks around the world are now in your reach. Get ONIXEDIT now!

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