ONIXEDIT Renewal Policy

Renewal Policy for ONIXEDIT Pro

When you purchase ONIXEDIT Pro, you get one year of free updates starting from your purchase date. During that first year, you can download the latest installer at any time. Your purchase may also include support from our ONIX experts and Media Space to easily share your media files with your partners. All those services must be renewed every year at the purchase anniversary date (the "renewal date").

Expiration Reminder E-mails

The month before a subscription is set to expire for a product, ONIXEDIT sends a notification e-mail to the owner of the license. This e-mail notifies you which product subscription is about to expire and gives instructions on how to renew it.

Please make sure that you whitelist the onixedit.com domain on your mail server so that these notifications do not get marked as spam.

Renewal price

For ONIXEDIT Pro, the initial price is $475 CAD the first year and its renewal price is a flat rate of $275 CAD. It includes software updates, 300 MB of Media Space and technical support for one year. Additional Media Space should be renewed at $0.25 per MB.

For those of you having purchased the former ONIXEDIT regular edition, you can still select the functions and services that you need  "à la carte". Technical support and Media Space are considered to be "services". ONIXEDIT and the other options that you select are considered to be the "software". The renewal is then calculated based on 40% of the software, plus full service prices. As an example, if you purchased ONIXEDIT ($99) with the Report Builder ($50), your software full price is $149. If you add the option for technical support at $175, your initial invoice is $324. At your renewal date one year later, your renewal price will be 40% of the software portion plus the full price of the services you want to renew. In our example, the renewal price would be $234.60   ((40%*$149) + $175).

If you don't renew, your ONIXEDIT software will continue to work but you won't have access to updates neither technical support and your Media Space. We generally produce 4 releases of ONIXEDIT per year with new functionalities, ONIX lists and subjects updates, as well as bug fixes. 

Grace Period

Renewals must be placed no later than one year following your renewal date to benefit of the renewal price. During the grace period, you won't have access to software updates neither our technical support or your Media Space. If you don't renew your software and services during the grace period, you will have the possibility to upgrade your license later at 20% discount of the full price of the software.

Date Alignment

To keep things fair for customers, the renewal price is the same no matter if you choose to renew  before or after your renewal date during the grace period. The key thing to remember is that your renewal date won't be adjusted. For example, if you renew ONIXEDIT Pro 1 month prior your renewal date, you will pay $275 and get one year and a month of full software updates, media space and support. But, if you renew 6 months after your renewal date, you will still pay $275 but you will get only 6 months of  software updates, media space and support. This is why it is important to renew as soon as possible to get all the benefits of your investment.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our subscription renewal policy.