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  • ONIXEDIT Bookstore - Your online bookstore, live from your ONIX file!
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ONIXEDIT for Windows
Easily create and share valid ONIX metadata files with your trading partners
ONIX title management software for Windows
Simplified Interface
ONIX titles list
ONIXEDIT for Windows
Import/export Excel, CSV and fixed length files to and from ONIX
ONIX metadata and database software
Fix length file
Excel file
CSV and tabulated file
ONIX metadata file
Conversion from flat files to ONIX
Edit your ONIX metadata from everywhere with ONIXEDIT Cloud
ONIX metadata management in the Cloud
Mac compatible
iPad compatible
iPhone compatible
IE Internet Explorer
ONIXEDIT Bookstore
Your online bookstore, live from your ONIX file!
The most complete website solution for publishers.
Power your website with ONIX and get your own e-store.
ONIXEDIT Server Edition
Collaboratively manage huge catalogs of ONIX metadata
Collaborate with Server Edition, a powerful ONIX title database
Server Edition Model
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"I have been an ONIXEDIT customer for almost two years. Their very feature rich product has made my life and the life of my colleagues so much easier. I can honestly say that ONIXEDIT has the best customer support I have ever experienced. It's a joy working with a company that listens so much and reacts so quickly to it's customers needs."
Paul Broe
Research and Markets

" I would like to compliment you on your excellent customer support - best I’ve experienced in a long while."
Pauline Adams

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"Good, complete information that's up-to-date will make your books discoverable. Simply put, if people can't find your books, they can't buy them. Rich information makes your books more visible, both to search engines and to readers."

Increase Sales & Lower Costs With Better Metadata

"When senders and receivers use ONIX, manual intervention in file processing is reduced, accuracy of data interpretation is enhanced, and the speed of processing is increased."
Certifications & Conformity
BTLF Certification
Booknet Gold Certification
BISG Certification
BIC Conformity
EDItEUR Conformity
APA Conformity
DILICOM Conformity
CLIL Conformity
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