ONIXEDIT Server Edition

ONIXEDIT Server Edition

Automate your books metadata workflows with the most advanced ONIX System!

ONIXEDIT Server Architecture
ONIXEDIT Server Edition Architecture

The ONIX Database for Metadata Aggregators!

Collect, manage and share your metadata with clients and partners

ONIXEDIT Server Edition is the client-server version of ONIXEDIT. This open and modular system is composed of:

  • a powerful SQL database to keep your ONIX metadata,
  • compliant with ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0,
  • our Media File Server as your assets manager,
  • ONIXEDIT Pro as the client interface to manage your ONIX metadata,
  • ONIXEDIT Web Form to allow your users and clients to edit their ONIX titles,
  • an automated ingestion agent to convert and import metadata from different sources,
  • ONIXEDIT Scheduler to automate transmission of metadata to your partners,
  • our Web Service API to integrate your legacy system with ONIXEDIT Server.

​ONIXEDIT Server is our most advanced ONIX solution. No matter if you are a metadata aggregator who wants to normalize and automate metadata ingestion from publishers or a large publisher who wants to maintain simultaneously thousands of ONIX titles by different users from anywhere, ONIXEDIT Server is for you.

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Like ONIXEDIT on Steroids!

It's a bird, it's a plane - no, it's ONIXEDIT Server Edition.

With our Server Edition, ONIXEDIT Pro is used as the client application to search, create, modify and validate metadata maintained in a fast SQL/XML database. Whether you have thousands of titles or millions, you will keep a constant and tremendous response time. Fast indexed and full text searches, version history, custom fields, Web interface for unlimited users, automated metadata ingestion, auto-numbering - these are some of the exciting features of ONIXEDIT SE.

Moreover, our ONIX  multi-users solution can be hosted on our secured servers for a fast and worry-free deployment, or you can implement it on your own premises.

The ideal solution for intensive metadata requirements!

Speed up your metadata with ONIXEDIT Server
Speed up your metadata with ONIXEDIT Server
ONIXEDIT Server Specific Catalog Update Rules
Specific Catalog Update Rules

With ONIXEDIT Server Edition, You Are in Control

Keep your metadata organized and secured!

With ONIXEDIT Server Edition you are in control of your ONIX metadata. As the Server Administrator, you can define as many metadata catalogs as you want. Each catalog is a distinct and isolated ONIX metadata repository. Consequently, you can define:

  • one catalog per metadata source (publisher, clients, supplier),
  • working catalogs for your internal usage,
  • different catalogs to classify your books and ebooks by subject or market,
  • or any other purpose.

​For each catalog, you can even set Update Rules identifying which ONIX sections are allowed for update and which are untouchable. As well,  you can define users and their access rights (Search, Add, Modify, Delete) for each catalog.

Keep your hands on the wheel and drive your ONIX metadata safely on the road of success!

Your ONIX Metadata Collection System

Different input methods for different data sources!

ONIXEDIT Server Edition system provides different ONIX metadata entry methods, which are available to you, your partners and clients:

  • ONIXEDIT Pro - everyone who has a valid ONIXEDIT Pro license may be invited to collaborate to one or more catalogs. With ONIXEDIT Pro as client interface to ONIXEDIT Server, the user may have full access to every functionalities offered by ONIXEDIT on the ONIX metadata maintained in the Server.
  • Using ONIXEDIT Server Web Form (same as ONIXEDIT Cloud), the user will connect directly to the Server. This is the best suited way to allow your clients to maintain their ONIX metadata and cover images by themself. With the lightweight Web Form, users will have access to the most common needs about ONIX metadata management.
  • Using ONIXEDIT Server Ingestion Agent, you will be able to automate ONIX metadata import or conversion from flat files. See next section for details.


ONIXEDIT Server Web Form
ONIXEDIT Server Web Form
ONIXEDIT Server Automated Ingestion Agent Dashboard
ONIXEDIT Server Automated Ingestion Agent Dashboard
Automated Ingestion Agent Hot Folders
Automated Ingestion Agent Hot Folders

ONIXEDIT Automated Ingestion Agent.

Automate the complete ingestion workflow of your metadata and asset files!

ONIXEDIT Automated Ingestion Agent (AIA) is a complete solution that will allow you, your partners and clients, to feed your ONIXEDIT Server database with metadata (ONIX, Excel, CSV, Tabulated and Fixed Length) as well as asset files like cover images and eBooks. Each ONIXEDIT Server catalogue is associated with a distinct "Hot Folder" available from the web or via FTP. Using AIA Dashboard and ONIXEDIT, you can:

  • Define distinct Import Rules for each of your ONIXEDIT Server catalogues, allowing you to control which ONIX metadata to keep and which one to reject.
  • Create specific ONIXEDIT Import script for each of your catalogues, allowing automatic ingestion of flat and Excel files corresponding to the requirements of your clients and partners.
  • Create Hot Folders and distinct Web Drop Zones for your clients and partners allowing them to easily upload their metadata and asset files to your server.
  • Define workflow actions like creating thumbnails from cover images or copying ingested files to an external FTP site.
  • Import huge metadata files with our enhanced multi-threads import engine.
  • Extract and index the complete text from PDF for full text search.

ONIXEDIT AIA is the perfect "worry free" tool for data aggregators that have to deal with multiple metadata providers, huge ONIX files and periodical updates.

It's time to deliver your metadata to partners?

Let's ONIXEDIT Scheduler do it for you automatically!

Using ONIXEDIT Scheduler, you can plan automatic delivery of metadata and asset files to different recipients. You can create as many schedules as you want. Each schedule is executed following its starting/ending date-time, transmission frequency and occurrence that you define. A single schedule can transmit metadata/asset files to one or many recipients FTP at the same time. Moreover, with ONIXEDIT Scheduler, you can:

  • Customize the delivery report email template.
  • Test a schedule to your own FTP site prior to go in production with it.
  • Choose the ONIXEDIT Server catalogue from which the metadata will be extracted.
  • Specify search criteria to precisely transmit the exact metadata and asset files required by your partners.
  • Possibility to transmit only metadata compliant to best practices.
  • Decide to transmit the complete set of metadata or just the delta since last transmission.
  • Automatically convert ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0 at transmission time.
  • Use an ONIXEDIT Export script to transmit your metadata using flat and Excel files for those of your partners that are not ONIX compliant.
  • Define the type of asset files to deliver for each recipient.
  • Consult log files and resume in case of transmission failure.
  • And more.

Consult ONIXEDIT Scheduler User Manual for more detail.

ONIXEDIT Scheduler
ONIXEDIT Scheduler
ONIXEDIT Scheduler Search Criteria
ONIXEDIT Scheduler Search Criteria
ONIXEDIT Server Version History Panel
ONIXEDIT Server Version History Panel

More Than Just a Simple ONIX Editor

Get powerful and exclusive tools to manage your metadata efficiently!

With ONIXEDIT Server Edition, you get enhanced tools to help you keep control and manage your ONIX metadata:

  • Versions History: With the help of our SQL/XML database, you can maintain Versions History of your ONIX titles. Moreover, the embedded XML compare tool will visually find differences between versions and will allow you to restore a previous version if needed.
  • Custom Fields: ONIXEDIT Server allows you to define Custom Fields that will be attached to all your ONIX titles. With it, you can define workflow status, production dates or any information that is not ONIX based. Types supported are: Alphanumeric, Date, Real and enumerations.
  • Powerful search engine with Saved Search function
  • "Title Lock" function to prevent one or more titles from any kind of updates
  • Default Values per Catalog
  • And many more.