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"To everyone who needs help with ONIX, here are my complients to Raoul Guénette and his company. ONIXEDIT is a first class operation in the field of ONIX data. The company sells products that are constantly changing because of the evolving industry standards. We have been working with several book publishers that are feeding us ONIX 2.1 data, and our system uses ONIX 3.0. This is quite a challenge, but with the help of the people at ONIXEDIT we are a success. They have helped us several times now with issues and they have been very responsive to all of our requests. Thank you so much for your support! E Bjarne Blume Author & Company / Authoropolis.com / iLearnNetwork"
Bjarne Blume
"I have been an onixEDIT customer for almost two years. Their very feature rich product has made my life and the life of my colleagues so much easier. I can honestly say that onixEDIT has the best customer support I have ever experienced. It's a joy working with a company that listens so much and reacts so quickly to it's customers needs."
Paul Broe
Research and Markets
"The program is GREAT so far to help me out, very intuitive, and I also like the panel, where I can have many open files at once. It's great. Thanks so much for making this software!"
Anna Zaleska
"Working with onixEDIT Pro is fantastic. I didn’t have any previous knowledge about how to work with ONIX and this new design makes my job much easier. The technical support works very well, and I have the answers to my queries immediately."
Marcela Mangarelli
"I will be able to eliminate all my other individual worksheets of databases by using this one program. Thanks very much!"
Caroline Jobling
Éditions Chouette
"I would like to compliment you on your excellent customer support - best I’ve experienced in a long while."
Pauline Adams
"ONIXEDIT Pro is wonderful. Congratulations! I find it very user-friendly. All the elements are well laid out and should you happen to forget any information, the pages are singled out for you so finding the errors is easy."
Caroline Jobling
Éditions Chouette

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