ONIXEDIT Bookstore

ONIXEDIT Bookstore

ONIXEDIT Bookstore free Shopify App
ONIXEDIT Bookstore Shopify App

Feed your Shopify Store from ONIX metadata!

Use your ONIX files and automate your own Bookstore.

ONIXEDIT Bookstore is a Shopify App designed to help anyone to automate creation/update of a complete Shopify store directly from an ONIX metadata source. All you need is an ONIX 3.0 file with your titles, a Shopify store and our Shopify app and you'll be ready to sell your books online in a snap.

Easy predefined settings!

Customize your books detail page the way you want.

ONIXEDIT Bookstore is installed in your Shopify store with predefined settings that you can change to suit your needs:

  • Use our embedded HTML editor to add text and ONIX tags with your website colors and formatting instructions. 
  • Each ONIX tag will be automatically replaced by your metadata each time you will import your ONIX file to your Shopify bookstore.
  • Automatically create Shopify product tags from ONIX Audiences and/or Subjects.
  • Use PublishingStatus and PublicationDate to schedule activation of products at Shopify.
  • Decide which Supplier and currency to use for your books prices.
ONIXEDIT Bookstore Settings
ONIXEDIT Bookstore settings from a Shopify Store.
A Shopify product page produced by ONIXEDIT Bookstore
A Shopify product page produced by ONIXEDIT Bookstore

Get stunning results automatically!

Don't create your Shopify books the old way. Use ONIXEDIT Bookstore.

With ONIXEDIT Bookstore, synching one or thousands of books at your Shopify store is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create your ONIX 3.0 files with your preferred ONIX tool (of course, you can use the best one: ONIXEDIT)
  2. Import that file using ONIXEDIT Bookstore
  3. Sit back and relax while ONIXEDIT Bookstore create/update your books at your Shopify store.
Get even more automatic results with any of our ONIX software and services combined with ONIXEDIT Bookstore.