ONIXEDIT Converter

ONIXEDIT Converter

ONIXEDIT Converter - Main Application Window
ONIXEDIT Converter Main Window.

ONIXEDIT Converter

Automate conversion of metadata files!

ONIXEDIT Converter is the perfect companion for those who want to automate conversion between ONIX metadata files and Excel or flat files (CSV, tabulated or fixed length) in both directions. As well, ONIXEDIT Converter can be used to automatically convert ONIX 2.1 files into ONIX 3.0. 

Moreover, operations and settings are really straightforward:

  1. Create an Import and/or Export script using ONIXEDIT. You can have both. Save it into a dedicated folder.
  2. Launch ONIXEDIT Converter - at first launch, you will have to indicate where are located your script folders as well as your input, output and error folders.
  3. Click on Start.


As soon as a new ONIX, Excel, CSV or tabulated metadata file will be dropped into the Input folder, it will be processed by ONIXEDIT Converter, which will apply automatically the corresponding ONIXEDIT import or export script. The resulting file will be saved in the Output folder. Moreover, ONIXEDIT Converter is able to deal with very huge metadata files and does not need to load it completely in memory to process it.

As an example, using ONIXEDIT converter, you can automate processing of ONIX files sent via FTP to a "hot folder", convert it to Excel and then use a custom tool to import the resulting file to a SQL database.

ONIXEDIT Converter is delivered with the ONIXEDIT installer. If you downloaded ONIXEDIT or ONIXEDIT Pro, you can try it at any time. Just launch it and click on the Trial button. 

Requirements: ONIXEDIT Pro or ONIXEDIT regular with Import/Export option.