ONIX Custom Development Service by the ONIX system experts

ONIX Custom Development Service by the ONIX system experts.

ONIX Custom Development

You Have an ONIX Project?

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At ONIXEDIT, we are doing ONIX custom development systems too and we really care about our clients. No matter what kind of ONIX project you have to build, be assured that our multi-disciplinary team of ONIX experts will put together their knowledge and experience to make it a success. Don't think it will be impossible or too costly to implement before getting in touch with us.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

ONIX project

An ambitious custom ONIX project!

desLibris - An ONIX business case beyond ONIXEDIT Server.

desLibris is a Canadian service allowing his members to access a collection of near 100000 books and documents published in Canada. Behind the scenes is our flagship system ONIXEDIT Server, providing up-to-date metadata used by a Big Data search engine to help desLibris members to efficiently and quickly find titles they are looking for. desLibris also provides:

  • Online reading of eBooks;
  • Book purchase;
  • IP authentication for group access;
  • Concurrent users control;
  • Encryption of eBooks using Readium LCP for usage on mobile devices;
  • OPDS feed for open discoverability of eBooks.
  • And mode

desLibris is the perfect example of the kind of custom development system and integration that our ONIX experts team could do for you.