Yesterday, we released ONIXEDIT version 3.0.9 but also our brand new product, ONIXEDIT Bookstore: The most complete website solution for publishers! Starting from your metadata about your books and ebooks (ONIX or Excel) , you can now completely automate your website presenting your books and authors the way you want. 

And of course, you can sell your books online from your own bookstore using Paypal. We can even automatically add watermark and send your ebooks (PDF or ePUB) to your customers.

Moreover, ONIXEDIT Bookstore is compliant to any website technology. Thus, you can implement it to your current website using our API or ask us to create a brand new bookstore for you.

Contact us today for a demo or try it by yourself. All you need is to create a free ONIXEDIT Cloud trial account to manage your ONIX metadata and then, experiment the magic of ONIXEDIT Bookstore.

Visit ONIXEDIT Bookstore page for more details.