RallyReader is a specialized ePUB reader app for iOS that help kids to acquire reading skills. It's the only Al-powered app that hears you read, identifies errors, tracks accuracy on a word-by-word basis, and provides real-time feedback. Combining various state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, OPDS feed and Readium LCP encryption, RallyReader is the best reading companion for your kid.

In order to provide awesome books collection for kids, RallyReader choose ONIXEDIT Server to automate ONIX metadata and ePUB file ingestion, processing and transmission. As a result, RallyReader is able to provide personalized books collection that exactly match the reader skill based on US School grade range, Lexile measure and other audience classification available in the ONIX 3.0 standard. 

ONIXEDIT is proud to be part of that success story and invite all parents in USA (and Canada soon) to give it a try.