ONIX Software for Publishers

ONIXEDIT for Windows

ONIXEDIT for Windows


New Features:
  • New free Shopify App ONIXEDIT Bookstore to allow automatic products creation and update from an ONIX file directly to a Shopify Store.
  • Implementation of ONIX list revision 37.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: It is now possible to export titles from a batch to an ONIX file from the Batches module.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: It is now possible to import empty custom field values to clear their contents.
Bugs fixed:
  • A few minor bugs has been fixed in the report builder.


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a validation problem with CLIL subjects.


New Features:
  • Implementation of CLIL subjects list of February 2017.
  • Implementation of ONIX list revision 36.
  • From the main list, clicking on a special validation format header will now sort using the total number of errors for each title.
  • You can now right-click on a title to duplicate it.
  • You can now right-click on a BIC, BISAC, THEMA or CLIL subject to fill its heading text based on the subject code.
Bugs fixed:
  • ONIXEDIT Server: The proprietary Product Identifier "ONIX_NOSEQ" was not regenerated when a title was copied from one catalogue to another.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Export of Custom Fields of type "Date" to a flat or Excel file was not considering the Export Date format.
  • Pasting a value in the new Full Text search tool created titles if you previously copied one or more titles.


New Features:
  • Implementation of BISAC Subjects List 2016.
  • Implementation of Thema lists 1.2
  • There is a new Full Text search tool at the top of the Main List.
  • It is now possible to export cover images at last column when exporting to Excel.
  • Last Search criteria can be kept in memory to facilitate following searches.
  • It is now possible to right click over a cell from the main list to copy its value.
  • There is now a new option that you can set in ONIXEDIT Preferences to automatically calculate taxes.
  • New fields available in Report Builder (YearOfAnnual, PartNumber, AudienceDescription, Proprietary and CLIL subjects).
  • Merge Keys improvement.
  • New "in" operator in the Search tool over local ONIX files allowing for instance, to find a series of ISBN.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: It is now possible to delete titles from the last search of a catalogue instead of just those appearing in the current page.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: It is now possible to copy default values definition from another catalogue.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: You can now define different "Lock Profiles" allowing to define which ONIX sections can be modified by which users when a title is locked.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: It is now possible to apply the merge function to new imported titles and automatically add missing default values defined for a catalogue.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: We removed the 10000 titles limit when using the Transmit to partners function from a catalogue.
  • ONIX 3.0: We now support composite Contributor/NameIdentifier.
  • ONIX 3.0: It is now possible to import/export up to 3 different taxes for each price.
  • ONIX 2.1: It is now possible to import/export IDs of type Proprietary, UPC and OCLC.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT: Improvement of decimal values definition for Fixed Length files.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT: There is now a new tooltip showing starting position of each column line for Fixed Length files.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix a problem with merge function on price having more than one tax.
  • Fix a problem with BIC/BISAC to Thema function for source codes having a single quote.
  • ONIX 3.0: Contributor selector has been fixed and improved.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Fix an issue when exporting titles from a catalogue to an ONIX file with "UTF8-without BOM" encoding.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: fix a Drag&Drop problem between catalogues for "On Premises" installations.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Sort on ONIX 3.0 catalogues was done only for current page.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Sort on catalogues from XPath columns was done only for current page.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Fix a custom validation issue with field YearFirstPublished.


New Features:
  • Support of ProductClassification composite.
  • It is now possible to drag&drop many ONIX files to a currently opened one. This is a convenient way to merge many ONIX files to a single one.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: It is now possible to define a Public and a Private Media Space and select which type of media files that goes in each.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: The Media Space can now be defined to use Amazon S3.
  • Suggested maximum length of 100 characters has been removed from Subject Heading Text to allow definition of large Keywords.
Bug Fixes:
  • ONIX 3.0: The generic import module for flat/Excel file was not considering the multiple values separator. Fixed.
  • Fix a problem with the "Error List" report when validating against more than one special validation formats.
  • ONIX 3.0: The generic import module for flat/Excel file was adding the block ProductSupply even if there was no SupplyDetail data in the imported file.
  • Automatic ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0 converter: ExpectedShipDate is now converted to OnSaleDate of type "Expected Availability Date". And OnSaleDate is now converted to OnSaleDate of type "Embargo Date".
  • The searches by ONIX fields of type "date" was not working as expected.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Strict validation errors on numerical ONIX 3.0 fields was not reported correctly in the Advanced form.
  • ONIX 2.1: The generic import module for flat/Excel file was not importing SupplierIdentifier/SupplierIDValue and SupplierIdentifier/SupplierIDTypeName values.
  • Export to fixed length files was creating non-fixed records when exported ONIX fields was empty.
  • ONIX 3.0: Merge key for SupplyDetail/Price/Tax is now TaxType and TaxRateCode (was only TaxType before).
  • ONIX 2.1: It is now possible to edit MediaFile/MediaFileDate.


New Features:
  • Import/Export script creation wizard now support delimiter character definition for CSV files.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: New report "Last version changes" showing differences to a series of titles with previous version.
  • Better space management for included lists of the Advanced Interface.
Bugs fixed:
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Import a CSV, tabulated or Excel file directly to an ONIXEDIT Server catalogue generated empty records under certain circumstances for Price, DiscountCoded, Stock and SupplierIdentifier.
  • Search tool: some ONIX fields having "Date" in their name was showing a date picker control even if not a date (for instance: "SupplyDateRole").


New Features:
  • New possibility to define Custom Validation Rules.
  • New Import/Export scripts builder wizard.
  • Implementation of BISAC Subject Headings 2015.
  • Implementation of ONIX lists Revision 32.
  • New search criteria "Not Equal To".
  • New function "Generate missing subject Headings from Codes".
  • ONIXEDIT Server: New option in import rules to Generate missing subject Headings from Codes.
  • ONIXEDIT Converter: It is now possible to choose a different ONIX output than the source file.
  • ONIXEDIT Converter: It is now possible to use ONIXEDIT Converter to convert ONIX 2.1 files to ONIX 3.0 files without any import/export script defined.
  • ONIXEDIT Converter: Current settings are saved for next usage.
Bugs fixed:
  • It is now possible to save a report with a space in its name.
  • Adding titles from an ONIX 3.0 file on disk to an already opened ONIX file by drag & drop was not working.
  • Revision of the Copy/Paste function that was not working under certain circumstances.
  • The Header of ONIX 3.0 files was showing SenderName and ContactName in reverse order.


New Features:
  • New ONIX 2.1 tag SupplyDetail/Price/PriceEffectiveUntil (P.R. 24.75) supported in the Advanced Interface.
  • New stricter integer and decimal fields validation for ONIX 3.0 can now be activated or not in your ONIXEDIT Preferences.
Bugs fixed:
  • ONIXEDIT Server: Search in all catalogues was crashing under particular circumstances.


New Features:
  • New Advanced Search on local ONIX files.
  • New Validation Score status bar.
  • New "Import Cover Images" function allowing to associate a series of local cover images to your ONIX file.
  • Drag and drop of an ONIX file from your desktop will suggest to add titles to an already opened ONIX file in ONIXEDIT or create a new one.
  • The Simplified Interface now support SupplyDetail/Price/CountryCode and PrimaryContentType.
  • The Advanced Interface now support PublishingDetail/ROWSalesRightsType.
  • Implementation of ONIX lists Revision 31.
  • New Advanced Merge function available for Import Rules of ONIXEDIT Server.
  • Stricter integer and decimal fields validation for ONIX 3.0.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix an issue with metadata having HTML entities exported from ONIXEDIT Server to a local ONIX file.
  • Slow performance issue fixed when saving User Rights. This was happening with ONIXEDIT Server having more than 100 catalogues and users.


New Features:
  • New Caption column in "Export to Flat file or Excel" module to override the default column header.
  • New possibility to add Xpath columns in "Export to Flat file or Excel" module. This allows you to precisely export, the exact metadata that you are interested in.
  • With the "Export to Flat file or Excel" module, you can now set an option to export not only the code but as well the value for ONIX fields that are under control of an ONIX list of values.
  • Implementation of ONIX lists revision 29-30.
  • Implementation of THEMA revision 1.1.
  • Implementation of CLIL Subjects.
  • New search criteria for ONIXEDIT Server.
  • Implementation of ONIX tag ContributorDescription.
  • Transmit to partners. New function "Uncheck All Partners" allowing to easily identify the specific partners you want to include in a metadata transmission.
  • New encoding UTF-8 without BOM.
  • When connected to ONIXEDIT Server, it is now possible to make searches on Catalogues, Users and Custom fields.
  • Batch Names are now visible in the Batch module (ONIXEDIT Server).
  • Implementation of an automatic THEMA subjects generator from your current BISAC/BIC subjects.
Bugs fixed:
  • Update of missing BIC subject codes.
  • ONIX 3.0. It is now valid to define a contributor having just a KeyNames value.
  • No more comma is required in Contributor/PersonNameInverted.
  • Fix an issue with the automatic ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0 converter, when NumberOfPieces tag contains text instead of a number.
  • Fix "Too many connections" error when using the "Transmit to partners" tool with cover images on some FTP servers.
  • File/Next title menu was not working when current record was the first in the list.
  • Addition of some missing tooltips in the Simplified Form.
  • Fix a problem with the Error List tool when connected to an On Premises installation of ONIXEDIT Server.


New Features:
  • Implementation of new ONIX list revision 28.
  • Enhancement of search tool for ONIXEDIT Server.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix an issue in the Import/Export module for ONIX 2.1 products having Series/Title values.
  • Fix a problem of duplicated system identifier "ONIX_NOSEQ" under particular circumstances.
  • Import/Export module now able to import Google docs spreadsheet.


New Features:
  • New possibility to configure columns of the main list. Select any ONIX tags and show it on your list.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a duplicated tag problem when using the Copy/Merge function under particular circumstances.
  • Removal of some functions in contextual menu for ONIX 3.0 that must appear only when connected to ONIXEDIT Server.
  • Fix a problem at opening of ONIX header with the French interface.


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix an issue with the automated ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0 tool after removal of public ONIX 2.1 DTD by EDItEUR


Bugs fixed:
  • ONIX 2.1: Fix an issue with DOCTYPE declaration that was missing under certain circumstances.


New Features:
  • Possibility to switch UI presentation back to former versions (Classic presentation) for our nostalgic users ;-)
Bugs fixed:
  • Default UI font is back to Arial instead of Ubuntu because of an installation problem on some PCs.
  • Fix an issue with the Import/Export module of ONIX 3.0 that produce an empty EpubUsageConstraint composite in some circumstances.


New Features:
  • ONIXEDIT Server is now fully compliant to ONIX 3.0;
  • Implementation of new ONIX list revision 27.
  • Implementation of new BISAC Subject Headings 2014 edition.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: It is now possible for the system administrator to define an import/export script and an Excel template to use with the Web interface for each catalogue.
  • New interface style.
  • New option to automatically create Cover Image thumbnails from cover images.
  • Support for new composite SupplyDetail/Price/PriceCondition (ONIX 3.0).
  • Export to Excel from an ONIXEDIT Server catalogue now produces a single file instead of a series of files having 1000 titles.
  • New tool "Word Text Cleaner" in the HTML editor to remove non-standard HTML instructions when a text is pasted from Microsoft Word.
Bugs fixed:
  • It is now possible to define more than one Main Subject for Thema scheme.
  • Simplified Form when Booknet validation is activated: The number of pages is now mandatory (ONIX 2.1).
  • Right-click/info from contextual menu of ONIXEDIT Server is now working as expected.
  • Transmit to partners fix: Titles without cover images was not sent when the option to send covers to partners was activated.
  • ONIX 3.0 – Table of Content panel from Advanced Interface: ONIX tag ProductAvailability, OrderTime, PackQuantity and UnpricedItemType was not responding to a double-click.
  • Automatic ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0 converter: The ResourceContentType value was not always set to the right corresponding value.


New Features:
  • Implementation of new ONIX list revision 26.
  • Revision of THEMA lists (v.1.0).
  • New sample import/export scripts with corresponding Excel template.
  • New ONIX 2.1 tag SupplyDetail/Price/PriceQualifier (P.R. 24.50) supported in the Advanced Interface.
  • New composite SalesOutletIdentifier available in the Advanced Interface for ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0.
  • Now compliant to header elements without a
    composite for ONIX 2.1.
  • It is now possible to specify the port number of the FTP address in "Transmit to partners" function (ex: ftp.onixedit.com:2222)
  • ONIXEDIT Server: New Exclusion section in Import Rules.
  • ONIXEDIT Server: users and custom fields lists can now be sorted.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a validation problem with CopyrightStatement/CopyrightYear. The attribute "dateformat" was ignored.
  • ONIX 3.0: AudienceRange was removed when exporting to short tags.
  • ONIX 3.0: ProductFormDetail was removed when exporting to short tags.
  • Now able to import from Excel with header cells having more than one line.
  • Improvement of import from Excel for date columns imported as string.


New Features:
  • Implementation of new ONIX list revision 25.
  • New Search Operators available when connected to ONIXEDIT Server: 'Does not contain' and 'Not equal to'.
  • New live Ingestion Agent processing status for ONIXEDIT Server in Show Import Logs module.
  • TaxRateCode is now mandatory if one of the following tags is not empty: TaxableAmount, TaxAmount or TaxRatePercent.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a problem when opening an ONIX 3.0 file having Title without Title/TitleElement/TitleElementLevel.
  • Fix an issue with the Upload Media Files function under Windows 2003 and XP.
  • Generic Import module: Empty Excel lines are no more imported.
  • Fix an issue with import/export of SupplyDetail/Price composite.


Bugs fixed:
Fix some bugs in new Simplified Interface, version 3.0.6 :
  • If only one field was changed in "SupplyDetail" section, the change was not maintained when saved.
  • Help text was saved in Keyword field if nothing was entered.
  • English text shown in French version (Keyword field).


New Features:
  • New Report Builder module to create your catalogs and price lists from your ONIX metadata and print it or save it to PDF, Excel or HTML.
  • Implementation of new ONIX list revision 24
  • New setting in Preferences allowing to not download automatically Media Files from external source. When this option is activated, Media files are downloaded only upon request for faster title edition.
  • Improvement of our validation engine for ONIX 2.1 and 3.0.
  • Improvement of system performance.
Bugs fixed:
  • Copy/Merge function was not working properly when used from an ONIX 3.0 file.
  • Fix of a memory leak issue;
  • Fix a focus issue with “Go to next error” function (F8) for ONIX 3.0.
  • It was not possible to define a filter on a field associated to an ONIX list with the Import/Export module.
  • Fix an encoding issue with the generic Import module. It is now possible to import Excel files having Chinese characters.


New Features: Bugs fixed:
  • It was not possible to import a flat file with an import script having Series with a predefined Type.
  • Search and Replace tool crashed when no ONIX tag was chosen.
  • Fix an issue when trying to delete Duration or FileSize from Simplified interface.


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix some missing values in the latest ONIX List 21


New Features:
  • Possibility to transmit cover images of titles during transmission to partners
  • New Context Menu in Import/Export
  • Now supports DeletionText tag
  • New fields in the simplified form: Prize, ProductWebSite, Publisher/Website, Contributor/Website
  • SupplyDetail is now repeatable in simplified form
  • New lists of THEMA subjects and qualifiers
  • Implementation of new ONIX list revision 21
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix simultaneous Title and Title of a collection export in ONIX 3.0
  • Export Menu now available for regular users to save the file in SHORT format
  • Fix dates import in ONIX 3.0
  • Author now displayed in the list of titles when PersonNameInverted is the only defined element
  • Fix Delete button in the SupplierIdentifier list
  • Fix issue with fixed values in the Import/Export
  • Improvement of "BISAC region" subjects validation
  • Fix validity of ONIX 3.0 files in SHORT format when transmitting to partners
  • Now supports ONIX 3.0 files in SHORT format with namespace defined


New Features:
  • ONIX files with extensions ".onx" and ".onix" can now be opened with ONIXEDIT by double-clicking it
  • The flat file import module can now deal with multiple values with a specific character separator in a single column. As an example, ONIXEDIT will create 3 contributors when importing a column having "Twain, Mark|Miller, Henry|Frost, Robert" if the character separator is defined as "|" in the import script
  • It is now possible to define the Namespace URI of your ONIX 3.0 files from your ONIXEDIT preferences
  • Implementation of new ONIX lists revision 20
  • Improve proxy detection
  • Better encoding detection when importing flat files
Bugs fixed:
  • SubjectCode was mandatory even when SubjectheadingText was defined with the ONIX 3.0 advanced interface - Fixed
  • Fix a problem with the Import/Export module that didn't export the RelatedProduct/EpubType
  • Now able to open and read ONIX 3.0 files with a Namespace definition
  • Fix a problem when trying to associate an unsupported Supporting Resource
  • Fix a problem in the French interface of the File Header section
  • It is now possible to write directly in the MediaFileLink field instead of using the file selector


New Features:
  • Implementation of BISAC Subject Headings, 2012 edition
Bugs fixed:
  • Previous version couldn't open ONIX 3.0 files with short tags - this problem is now solved


New Features:
  • Fully compatible with ONIX 3.0. ONIXEDIT can now read and write ONIX 2.1 and 3.0
  • Integrated ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0 file converter
  • Updated ONIX lists (revision 19)
  • Allows reading and writing ONIX files with extensions ".onx" and ".onix"
  • New ProductForm column in the main list of titles to easily distinguish your printed books and ebooks
  • New settings for export scripts, allowing to hide a column or to filter sub-records based on a value - for example, you can use it to output only the price of a particular supplier
  • You can now produce an error report to an Excel file having, for each title, the list of validation errors
  • New fields "Primary Content Type" and " Product Packaging" in the simplified interface for ONIX 3.0 files
  • New File Preview tool allowing to verify a metadata file before sending it to your partners
  • Ability to send flat files or Excel files to partners using an export script (ONIXEDIT PRO or Import/Export option required)
Bugs fixed:
  • Automatic conversion of ISBN/EAN was not working for values starting with "979"
  • Improved conversion mechanism of your preferences when installing a new version of ONIXEDIT
  • Fix a problem with ONIX tags "BarCode" and "ProductFormDetail" when using the Transmit to Partners function with Booknet validation format


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix an issue with some invalid tags when exporting ONIX files manually
  • Fix an issue when PersonNameInverted ended with a comma


New Features:
  • Implementation of ONIX code lists revision 18
  • Audience Range now supported in simplified interface
  • New Preview mode in Transmit to Partners form
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a duplicate value problem on BarCode composite when defined in default values with the help of the Wizard
  • Product Form and Product Form Detail of Related Product composite now can be defined using drop-down list values in the Import/Export tool
  • Fix a focus problem with F8 key (go to next error)
  • SubjectHeadingText automatically defined when Subject Code is chosen from a drop-down list
  • Fix SupplyDetail data lost after using the Transmit to Partners function with option "Transmit only data associated to each partner's name" checked and saving the file after transmission


New Features:
  • Import/Export: new list of most used common ONIX tags now available for fast import/export script creation
  • Import/Export: column ID are now from A to Z when File type is set to Excel for easy columns matches
Bugs fixed:
  • Simplified interface: removal of a programming trace in the interface


New Features:
  • Implementation of the new ONIX code lists revision 17
  • Import/Export console application: now compatible with short reference ONIX files
  • Validation: SupplyDetail/PackQuantity is now optional if ProductForm is DG (Electronic Book Text)
  • Transmit to partners: automatic detection of default destination path
  • Simplified interface: better error browsing order with F8 key
  • Import/Export: Countries, Territories and ePublicationType drop-down lists values are now available
  • New XHTML editor for OtherText
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix an issue with Contributors for ONIX files with missing ContributorRole
  • Fix a problem with copy/paste function of titles followed by deletion of copied titles - some titles were not deleted properly
  • ONIXEDIT installer: User rights on ONIXEDIT folder are now correctly set for some Windows 7 OS
  • Fix an issue with some ONIX 2.1 files that were not properly recognized by ONIXEDIT
  • ONIXEDIT Server Edition: empty SeriesIdentifier was created when importing to a catalogue
  • Fix a problem when transmitting an ONIX file to multiple partners having the same filename mask


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix an issue with generic import/export module with TaxRateCode tags of Price composite


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a "waiting for user input" issue in the Import/Export console application


New Features:
  • Implementation of an import/export script with its Excel template to provide a practical and easy-to-use sample of our generic import/export flat files tool
  • The import/export console application is now able to produce ".xls" Excel files instead of ".xlsx" with the new /xls parameter
  • The Transmit to Partners tool now support Secure FTP protocol (SFTP)
  • Implementation of DiscoutCodeType and DicountCode tags in the simplified and Web interface - the Booknet validation format now allows users to choose between ClassOfTrade or DiscountCoded to better suit their needs
  • Validation of ISTC numbers in WorkIdentifier elements
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a uniformity problem between ONIX files produced by the import/export console application and those produced by ONIXEDIT


New Features:
  • Add ONIX tags TitlePrefix, TitleWithoutPrefix, TitleOfSeries, NumberWithinSeries, SupplierName and YearFirstPublished in simplified interface (ONIXEDIT regular) and Web interface (ONIXEDIT Server)
  • Support for "Extent" composite (Duration and File Size types) in simplified (ONIXEDIT regular) and Web interface (ONIXEDIT Server)
  • Support and implementation of BISAC Region Codes for every ONIXEDIT versions (regular, Pro and Server)
  • Support for Illustration in simplified (ONIXEDIT regular) and Web interface (ONIXEDIT Server)
  • Support for Related Product in simplified (ONIXEDIT regular) and Web interface (ONIXEDIT Server)
  • Support for Work Identifier in simplified (ONIXEDIT regular) and Web interface (ONIXEDIT Server)
  • The generic Import/Export module now supports definition of an infinite number of prices
  • New archive option in the Transmit to partners function allowing automatic compression of your ONIX files before transmission
  • Enhancement of Search & Replace function allowing replacement of empty values
  • General improvement of our ONIX validation
  • Implementation of the new ONIX code lists revision 16
Bugs fixed:
  • It is now possible to remove a Main Subject with the simplified interface
  • ONIX header values are now saved after applying default values
  • Fix an issue with the simplified interface when trying to open a title without EAN
  • Fix a problem of quotes duplication in text fields when exporting to Excel
  • Adjustment of Fields maximum length in the simplified interface


New Features:
  • The generic Import/Export module now supports the ONIX tags NameCodeType and NameCodeValue of Publisher's group


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a crash problem at startup for upgraded versions on some operating systems


New Features:
  • Support for new Amazon validation format
  • Fully compatible with new ONIXEDIT Server Edition
  • More than 40 new ONIX 2.1 tags now supported
  • Now able to search by any ONIX tags
  • New powerful Search And Replace function
  • Now export all completed ONIX tags whatever validation format you choose
  • Addition of new ONIX tags to the simplified interface
  • New option in preferences to hide Media column from the main titles list
  • Minimum Image size and resolution could now be defined in your preferences
  • ONIX 2.1 code lists updated to revision 15
  • Upgrade to the last revision of BISAC and BIC subjects 
  • New auto-complete function for contributors' names
  • Improved error messages and date processing in the generic import/export function
  • Faster loading of simplified and advanced form
Bugs fixed:
  • Title column of main list was empty for titles defined with TitlePrefix and TitleWithoutPrefix
  • Fix a problem with the "add missing records" tooltip when just a few records were missing
  • Fix a problem when exporting BICVersion or BISACVersion tags
  • Default value for NumberOfPieces tag was not saved when using the default value wizard
  • Test connection button in "Transmit to Partners" dialogues did not provide accurate results
  • General "Off-Line" mode improvement


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix an issue in the generic import tool for Excel files with few columns - problem introduced with version 2.4.3


New Features:
  • Support for ONIXEDIT format when transferring ONIX files to partners and for export
  • The sequence number of contributors is now mandatory for all formats when there is more than one contributor
  • Automatic conversion of ProductForm value from DG to EA when exporting to ONIX 3.0
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a problem when exporting to a flat file without previewing result first
  • Fixed wrong date format when importing into the composite MarketRepresentation
  • Fix a precision problem with extra digits for numeric values when importing from Excel
  • Fix a conversion problem when exporting to ONIX 3.0 (short ref) - AudienceRange values were missing


New Features:
  • Support first DiscountCoded ONIX tag in Import/Export tool
  • ONIX Code Lists updated (revision 13)
  • BISAC Subjects List updated
  • Height, Width and Thickness mandatory only for ProductForm beginning by 'B'
  • Validation improvement
  • Proxy Configuration improvement
  • Simplified interface improvement
  • Speed improvement
  • New button "Clean Media Space" in Upload to Media Space function to remove unused media files
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a problem in Off-Line mode
  • Now able to enter dates before 1900
  • Fix a problem with Import/Export tool for composites having more than 9 occurrences
  • Add CurrencyCode in the Export to APA function


New Features:
  • Update of ONIX Code Lists (revision 12)
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a problem when reading a file with encoding other than UTF-8


New Features:
  • Improved memory handling for opening larger ONIX files
  • No more need to run ONIXEDIT as administrator under Windows 7
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed an error generated when importing Excel files with control characters
  • Now supports import of Excel files with uppercase extension (XLS)
  • Fixed a problem when exporting to flat and Excel files with use of MarketDate tag


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a SubjectCode conversion problem when opening an ONIX file with short tags


New Features
  • Convert ONIX 2.1 files to ONIX 3.0 automatically
  • New simplified data entry form
  • New wizard for default values definition
  • New selector with all the BISAC subjects
  • New assistant for mandatory sub-record creation
  • Now add a new record by double-clicking on an empty zone of a list
  • Maintain most recently used import/export scripts
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a problem when preferences values are saved as two instances of ONIXEDIT are opened
  • Fix a problem when trying to open an ONIX file having unsupported encoding
  • Clearer warning posted when trying to open a malformed ONIX file


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a DOCTYPE problem to ONIX validation DTD
  • Automatically convert file with unknown encoding to UTF8


New Features:
  • ONIX code lists updated to last version (11)
  • Possibility to choose xml file encoding (default to UTF-8)
  • Now supports XHTML special characters ("entities")
  • New dialogue "Tip of the day" at startup
  • Add a new title by double-clicking on an empty area of the main list
  • Focus on current object enhanced by different background color
  • New tools in the main toolbar
  • Type ahead allowed in BIC and Electre subjects lists
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a validation problem concerning activation of some fields
  • Fix a problem in import/export dialogue when double-clicking on elements list when empty
  • Fix a problem with field ProductFormFeatureValue that was not enterable when value of ProductFormFeatureType was greater than 5
  • Fix errors presentation order
  • Fix of a focus problem with fields "Number of illustrations" and "Mapscale"
  • Fix a focus problem after tabbing on a cell in error


Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a missing dll used by import/export function


New Features:
  • Update last ONIX 2.1 code lists (Issue 11)
  • New Generic Export tool
  • A same Import script could be used with the Export Tool and inversely
  • Automation of Import/Export with console application OnixEditImport.exe
  • New Generic Import/Export tool could now read and write Excel files directly
  • Transmit to partners function now allows definition of a mask for file name creation
  • Transmit to partners function now allows to enter a filename manually at transmission time
  • Main Subjects and Subjects are now standardized
  • New validation criteria
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a problem when trying to delete an import script column
  • Fix an update problem with Other Text
  • Fix a date handling problem with the generic Import tool


New Features:
  • Allow configuration of a Proxy Server
  • New auto-save function in Preferences
  • Error message improved when opening a malformed ONIX file
  • Error message improved when opening an ONIX file having invalid characters
  • Remove automatically invalid characters at data entry
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a problem with Transmit to Partner function when no Destination Path is defined
  • Fix a problem with Transmit to Partner function when no partner is selected


New Features:
  • New transfer mode for Supply Detail data "Transmit only data associated to each partner name" in Transmit to partner tool
  • Improved error messages in Flat File Import module
  • Improved validation of "OtherText" for APA, BIC and BISG which do not support external files (TextLink)
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed an error that cause a system crash during a search of contributors with a non-existing value
  • Fixed an update value problem when a new sub-record is added
  • Fixed a resource problem for the French version


New Features:
  • New module to import flat files with the new console application for batch import
  • Adjust BIC validation format following September 2009 specifications
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed a problem when asking to export the full list instead of a selection of titles
  • The extension ".xml" was not automatically added to saved files if they had a "." in their name (Win XP)
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