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Rally Reader: Another success story with ONIXEDIT Server.

Help your kids to get reading skills with RallyReader App and ONIXEDIT Server.

ONIX 2.1 - The final countdown?

Amazon will require ONIX 3.0 feeds by the end of 2020.

Automate your books metadata workflows with the ONIXEDIT Server System

Automate books metadata workflows with the ONIXEDIT Server System explained.

New handy tools of ONIXEDIT

The Related Product Assistant and the Media Files Exporter.

ONIXEDIT at Frankfurt Bookfair 2019

FBF 2019 - A great success!

ONIXEDIT Server implementation at BLDD - A Case Study

We just published a detailed case study regarding the implementation of ONIXEDIT Server at Belles Lettres Diffusion Distribution (BLDD) in France. 

New press release in Actualitté

An article about ONIXEDIT in Actualitté (french).

ONIXEDIT in France. Now certified DILICOM and CLIL.

With ONIXEDIT, you can now produce ONIX 3.0 metadata files compliant with DILICOM and CLIL.

Export ONIX to Excel with IF THEN ELSE and other XPATH expressions

ONIXEDIT generic export to Excel and flat files tool now support Advanced XPATh 3.1 expressions.

New ONIXEDIT Server users

We welcome our new ONIXEDIT Server users: Elsevier and Hinkler!

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