At the end of February 2016, we released version 3.1.9 of ONIXEDIT. Among the usual ONIX list updates revision 32 and the implementation of latest  BISAC Subject Headings 2015, version 3.1.9 provides to our ever growing community of users,  2 major new functionalities:

Custom validation

With the help of a special form similar to the Simplified Interface, you can now define your own set of validation rules:

Titles that do not comply with your custom validation rules will be declared invalid exactly like if you were checking it with one of our integrated special validation formats like BISG or BIC.

A powerful tool to standardize your metadata following your specific business rules.

Consult our User Manual for more details about Custom Validation.


Import/Export Wizard

One of the most appreciated ONIXEDIT tool is certainly our generic  import/export module for Flat files and Excel files. But when you use it for the first time, you may find it a little bit difficult to create a valid import/export script. That's the reason why we now offer a specialized Import/Export Wizard that will guide you to easily create your CSV or Excel import/export scripts:

Even the most experimented ONIXEDIT users will find it useful as a startup tool to create import/export scripts in a wink. The wizard will even create the corresponding Excel template for you.

Consult our User Manual for more details about the Import/Export Wizard.