As usual at this time of the year, we are releasing a brand new version of ONIXEDIT having a lot of new things. Of course, ONIX lists, Thema and BISAC subjects has been updated. But look what new tricks we now have for you...

Export cover images to Excel

With the "Export cover image at last column" option, you can now export the cover image of each of your books at the last column of an Excel file. The image height field will allow you to change each line of the resulting Excel file to a specific size:

As a result, you will get a nice Excel file that you can use for promotion or other purpose:

Full Text Search

Since the beginning, all editions of ONIXEDIT provides powerful searching tool. Now with version 3.4.0 it is even simpler to find your titles with the new Full Text Search tool. Just type the text you are searching for and ONIXEDIT will look in all your metadata to find it no matter where it is located:


Finding titles with a series of IDs

This function was already available to ONIXEDIT Server users. But now, ONIXEDIT Pro and Regular users can also benefits of this powerful search option for Product Identifiers. Select the title ID you are searching for, then choose the "In" operator and type (or paste) the list of IDs (one per line) under Value column. In a snap, you will get your results...

Of course, ONIXEDIT 3.4.0 have many other enhancements. Download it today to give it a try.