ONIX Software for Publishers

Check all the items below that correspond to your requirements:

I am a small publisher and have basic metadata requirements.
I need to Import/Export flat files (Excel, CSV, tabulated, fixed length) to and from ONIX.
I need to produce detailed ONIX metadata files covering all the possibilities supported by ONIX and ONIXEDIT.
I need a simple way to share my cover images with my trading partners.
I need to produce catalog reports directly from my ONIX file.
I need support from you guys to help me with your software.
I want to create ONIX 2.1 files compliant to the best practices established by most of the following organizations: Amazon, APA, BIC, BISG, Booknet, BTLF.
I want to create ONIX 3.0 files compliant to EDItEUR best practices.
I want to work collaboratively with partners and colleagues with large catalogues of ONIX metadata and possibly to automated ingestion and transmission of metadata.
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