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ONIXEDIT Bookstore demo site
ONIXEDIT Bookstore demo site

ONIXEDIT Bookstore Requirements!

To harness your website with ONIXEDIT Bookstore you need:

  1. Your ONIX Metadata about your titles. If your metadata are on another kind of support such as an Excel or CSV file, we can help you to convert it to ONIX. Contact us for more information. If you currently don't have metadata about your books, you can go directly at step #2.
  2. Subscribe to an ONIXEDIT Cloud account or contact us to purchase the ONIXEDIT Server system. Using one of these software, you will be able to create and edit your ONIX metadata and populate your ONIXEDIT Bookstore modules directly on your website.
  3. If you want to implement our modules by yourself on your website, you will need some basic JavaScript knowledge with our API documentation. Or ask us to create a complete turnkey website for you based on your colors and design specifications having every ONIXEDIT Bookstore modules already implemented.
  4. Have your cover images ready for presentation of your books and eBooks on the Bookstore.
  5. Create a PayPal merchant account if you want to sell your books and eBooks directly from your bookstore.
  6. Prepare your eBooks (PDF or EPUB) if you want ONIXEDIT Bookstore to transmit automatically those files to your clients.
  7. Contact us to subscribe to ONIXEDIT Bookstore.
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