ONIXEDIT Affiliate Program


Get paid for referring ONIXEDIT

Simply publish a link on your website or social media and make money!

ONIXEDIT now offers you an easy way to earn commissions by simply spreading the word to your family, friends, colleagues or clients. For the first purchase of any ONIXEDIT product by a reference coming from you, you will earn a flat 5% commission.

You will then be able to withdraw your earned commission directly to your PayPal account at the point the account reaches or exceeds 50$. Funds will be transferred to your account within 2 business days.

How it works

Affiliate Program Step 1 - Generate your affiliate URL

Generate your affiliate URL

Log in to your ONIXEDIT account, or if you are not already a member, register now, it takes only few seconds. In "My Account" menu, go to "Affiliate Program" and click on the "Subscribe Now" button to subscribe to the affiliate program instantly, and automatically get your personal affiliate URL.

Affiliate Program Step 2 - Spread the word and share your affiliate URL

Share your affiliate URL

The second step, is to share your affiliate URL to start earning commissions. Spread the word on your blog, social networks, website or anywhere you want. Each time someone having clicked on your affiliate URL, will make his first purchase of any ONIXEDIT product within 2 months, you will earn money.
Nothing else to do

Affiliate Program Step 1 - Manage your commission

Manage your commission

From the Affiliate Program dashboard, you can view the history of all your commissions earned. Each time you reach 50$ or more, just click on a button to request your money. We will transfer it directly to your PayPal account within 2 business days.

More details about ONIXEDIT Affiliate Program

Do I have a way to view my earned commissions?

Certainly. In your Affiliate Program dashboard, you will find the complete history of your earned commissions. This history will show you the date when the commission was earned and also the amount of this commission.

How much commission will I get?

You will earn a commission of 5% on any first sales resulting from one of your referral . Any purchases made online for any ONIXEDIT products, are eligible.

Will I get a commission if my referred individual comes back later to purchase ONIXEDIT product?

If your referred individual register to ONIXEDIT or purchase ONIXEDIT products within 2 months after clicking your affiliate URL, you will get a 5% commission on the total of his first purchase.

Will I get a commission if the referred individual uses a promotional code?

Yes, you will get a 5% commission on any first ONIXEDIT product purchased, even if your referred person has used a promotional code. The commission will apply on the total (before taxes) paid by the referred individual.

Do I need a PayPal account to participate?

Yes, you need to have your own PayPal account prior to request payment of your commissions.