Just before Christmas 2011, we released a major upgrade with the ONIXEDIT 2.5 series. Version 2.5.4 released last week, is the latest in this series. This article covers the main new features and improvements in 2.5 series and especially the 2.5.4.

ONIXEDIT Pro and ONIXEDIT Server Edition

Our new product ONIXEDIT Server Edition, allows management of huge catalogues of ONIX metadata shared between multiple concurrent users. The 2.5 series of ONIXEDIT offers full compatibility with the server edition. Indeed, in addition to a web interface allowing multiple users on different platforms (Macintosh, Windows, Linux and others) to manage and maintain ONIX metadata, users having ONIXEDIT Pro can use it as a client application and connect to ONIXEDIT Server database. They will then have access to all the features of ONIXEDIT Pro combined with an high capacity storage and a collaborative environment for you and your teammates. With ONIXEDIT Server you can:

  • Import to the server, ONIX or Excel files of any size;
  • Efficiently and quickly find, modify and validate titles from catalogues having hundreds of thousand records;
  • Define your own custom fields (non ONIX) and use it as regular one directly in the ONIXEDIT entry form;
  • Use ONIXEDIT simplified or extended entry form to access your ONIX metadata;
  • Share your metadata with your teammates no matter if they are using the Web Form or ONIXEDIT Pro;
  • And many more.

For more information, go to our ONIXEDIT Server Edition page.

Amazon Validation Format

ONIXEDIT Pro now provide a new validation format based on the best practices established by Amazon. You can now use this validation format on your ONIX metadata files before providing it to Amazon to be aware of any missing element.

More than 40 new ONIX tags

The 2.5.x series now support 40 new ONIX tags available from the extended interface and our generic import/export tool. We now count more than 250 ONIX tags supported by ONIXEDIT.

Enhanced Simplified Interface

Our simplified interface as well as our web interface (ONIXEDIT Server Edition) has been enhanced with more popular ONIX tags. Among other improvements, you can now define more information about your contributors, measures, illustrations, related products and more.

Code Lists, Subjects and Regions

The 2.5.x series has the latest Code Lists edition of the official ONIX standard (revision 16 January 2012). As well, we integrated the latest BISAC and BIC subjects list. Moreover, ONIXEDIT now provide a brand new BISAC region selector to identify where in the world is the history of the book:

Search And Replace

Version 2.5.4 also provides a new Search tool allowing to find titles having a specific value from any ONIX tag:

Even more, you can now benefit of our powerful "Search and Replace" tool allowing you to easily and quickly make modifications over a selection of titles in your ONIX files: