It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we agreed to take part to the latest ONIX workshop "Creating Powerful Metadata" prepared by Renée Register of Datacurate at TOC 2013. During this workshop, we presented to the attendees our new service ONIXEDIT Cloud. Every attendee received an ONIXEDIT Cloud account to practice the ONIX metadata concepts presented by Renée. It was a very exciting exercice and we were very busy, to answer questions and providing some handy tricks on how to easily create ONIX files with ONIXEDIT Cloud 
ONIXEDIT Cloud is a really affordable and easy to use ONIX editor that allows you to manage your ONIX files from everywhere with any browser from any platform. Click here for more details.

We greatly thank Renée for giving us this awesome opportunity to present our new service and we were very happy to participate to the success of her workshop.