ONIX files may be huge sometimes. Huge enough to get Out of Memory errors when trying to validate it or just open it using your best XML editor or best of all, ONIXEDIT! For that reason, we took the time to create a free easy tool that is able to read a ONIX file of any size and any type and to split it in smaller files. We called it ONIXEDIT Splitter and it is available for everyone. Just go to this page and download the installer:


It is absolutely free and you don't even need to be a registered user to get it.

Once installed, launch the application and you will get the following screen:

Select a well formed ONIX file with the "Select an ONIX file" button and choose the number of files to split (2 by default). Then, click on Split button to get the resulting files in the same location as the original. The smaller files will have the same name as the original with a suffix from 1 to n.

ONIXEDIT Splitter could split ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0 with short or long tags. Each resulting files will have the same header as the original.