BookNet Canada launched its new BiblioShare service in 2009. This service allows publishers to publish their ONIX files for a bank of business partners targeted by BookNet. Presently, this list contains only one business partner, BookNet Sales Data, but BookNet promises to increase this number rapidly in the near future.


The idea is, in sum, very simple:


  • First, you sign up for the service.
  • You choose the business partners you want to share your ONIX files with.
  • You upload your ONIX files (complete or updated) when you want to publish them, into your BiblioShare account.
  • BiblioShare validates each new ONIX file as it is uploaded, publishing only valid files.
  • The selected business partners automatically receive email announcements when new valid ONIX files are available on your BiblioShare account.
  • Your partners recover the newly published files when they want.
  • Your valid ONIX files remain available on BiblioShare as long as you leave them.


ONIXEDIT and BiblioShare are made for each other! With ONIXEDIT Pro, you can produce valid files in the BookNet Gold format. BiblioShare validates the ONIX files that have been submitted, but as soon as an error is found, the file is rejected and you will receive an email with the list of errors. It can become a long and tedious job to correct ONIX errors this way, especially if your file contains many titles. In contrast, with ONIXEDIT Pro you will have exact information on each of your titles and you will know if  they conform to the BookNet Gold format, immediately in real time as you input your data. For example, see the information provided when an error is detected in a contributor’s file:


The files you send to BiblioShare will therefore conform to the requirements of the service and of all the business partners defined there.


To send an ONIX file on BiblioShare, you have two options: You can connect to the BiblioShare web portal and tranfer your files manually, or you can use the FTP service that BiblioShare has made available to us. Since ONIXEDIT Pro has been provided with an integrated FTP file transmission tool, it is very easy to define your BiblioShare account. This account is registered in your preferences and is available at all times, for all your ONIX files. You can transmit a complete file or a selection of titles as you please, easily and quickly.


A simple and effective way to make your ONIX files available to your business partners!