The ONIXEDIT team listens to our customers. Many of you have asked for this, so we’ve done it! Version 2.3.1 of ONIXEDIT PRO introduces a brand new generic import module for flat files, able to convert any CSV, tabulated, or fixed-length file into an ONIX file. This module offers a simple and efficient interface, conceived specifically to convert flat files to ONIX:

Here are some of the characteristics of this new module:
  • Import and convert CSV, tabulated, or fixed-length flat files with an unlimited number of columns.
  • It’s possible to define the column separating character among a choice of “,” “;” TAB or “|” for CSV or tabulated files.
  • Capable of handling text columns with carriage returns (CSV and fixed-length only)
  • Supports an infinite number of date formats.
  • Supports decimal character "." or "," for numerical data.
  • It’s possible to define a table of matching values (allowing wildcard usage) for each column:

  • It’s possible to define columns with fixed values.
  • It’s possible to ignore unused columns from the flat file.
  • Supports repeated data; for example, you can define one to n authors, identifiers, prices, etc.
  • It’s possibe to save import scripts for later use. Scripts can be exchanged with other ONIXEDIT PRO users.
And more: ONIXEDIT provides you with a console application called OnixEditImport.exe. This console application can be used to handle flat files in batch. For example, it can be launched daily as a task on your system, called up by an agent of your SQL server or any other program. The goal is to let you automatize the transformation of your flat files into ONIX files:

More than ever, ONIXEDIT is the ONIX program par excellence.