Our next release of ONIXEDIT (3.0.9) will provide a new Excel template for those who wants to begin converting metadata of their books and eBooks from Excel to ONIX. We took the time to clearly identify which columns of the template that are mandatory and which ones are "nice to have". Moreover, that Excel template implements all the ONIX lists of values required to easily and efficiently make data entry with Excel. 

Of course, the template come with its corresponding ONIXEDIT import/export script. So it can be used by anyone who have one of the following:

  • ONIXEDIT Regular Edition with Import/Export option.
  • ONIXEDIT Cloud. For those who will register to ONIXEDIT Cloud starting from August 20, 2014, the new template will be automatically installed. For previous registration, we can install it for free to your Cloud account. Just contact us at info@onixedit.com and ask for it.
  • ONIXEDIT Server.

We can also adapt that template to your specific needs. Just contact us and tell us how we could help.

The Excel templates and corresponding import/export scripts are available both for ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0. For those who can't wait for the 3.0.9 release, you will find our templates in our Support/Resources page for free download.