Modifying metadata of a series of ONIX titles has always been a challenge often ending by manually editing each title one by one. What a fastidious and unproductive work! But not anymore thanks to ONIXEDIT 3.0.5 and its new Copy/Merge function.

You can now copy one or more sections of an existing title and paste it to one or many other titles. In fact, this action is considered as a "merge" function rather than just a simple "copy/paste" because ONIXEDIT analyze the copied section from the source title. Then, it will add the missing items and will update existing ones in destination titles.




Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Also, ONIXEDIT 3.0.5 allow you to make batch updates of titles from an external source like a tabulated or Excel file. Indeed, we integrated our new Copy/Merge function to our powerful Generic Import/Export tool. The result: a new tremendous way to accurately modify precise ONIX metadata parts of a series of titles. The external source file contains the primary key that uniquely identify titles to update and the values of the ONIX sections that you want to modify. As an example, you can use it to batch update of prices, subjects, rights or any sections of your titles.


See the new Copy/Merge function in action from our tutorials page.

With ONIXEDIT 3.0.5, you'll be more productive and efficient than ever!