Today we are pleased to announce the official launch of the much-anticipated Version 2.3.5 of ONIXEDIT. Why is it greatly anticipated? Simply because many of you have been requesting the new functionalities that this version now offers:

  • A new generic export tool (ONIXEDIT Pro) We have enriched the generic import tool for flat files to make it into a generic tool for both import and export for flat files. Thanks to this new tool, you can now create interchangeable import/export scripts. With the same script, you can export ONIX metadata into a flat file, and then re-import them later in order to re-convert them into ONIX format. Further, the OnixEditImport.exe console application has been adapted to work with these new scripts and thus allow you to automatize your ONIX import/export processes. More than ever, ONIXEDIT is open to all other systems.
  • Support for Excel files (ONIXEDIT Pro). The generic flat-file import/export tool now supports reading files directly from Excel 2003 and above. This is the simple and efficient way to support text files with carriage returns or tabulated characters.
  • Name mask for files transmitted to business partners (ONIXEDIT Pro). The transmission tool for ONIX files sent to business partners has been modified to allow total control over the names of the files you generate before they are sent. There is even a mode allowing you to name the generated file at the time it is transmitted. This helps you fulfill the most detailed requirements of your business partners.
  • Addition of new subject fields (both Pro and free versions).
  • Integration of the most recent code list from ONIX 2.1 version 11 (both Pro and freeware versions).

Whether you are a present or future user of ONIXEDIT, please don't hesitate to send us your suggestions. We place great importance on the ideas you propose. If you need a particular functionality, there is a high probability that you are not alone. Your idea may therefore be saved and implemented, and the entire ONIXEDIT user community, both Pro and freeware, will benefit from it.